Good Work

I stood by the window and looked out, wondering what adventures waited for me out there. My Friend seems always to have a plan going, whether to send me out on some errand that seems too difficult or mundane, or to lead me on a journey with Him (often including other travelers) which takes us to places I never imagined possible. There are difficulties and dangers to overcome, battles to fight, and unexpected vistas of beauty to discover. I have come to suspect that His errands and adventures have not much to do with reaching the conclusion. It seems as though the Present Moment is the most important thing to Him.

The window is set in a comfortable room I share with my Friend. When we met, he said to me, “Come, I am going to your house today where we will share a meal and get to know one another.” It was as if He was inviting me to my own house, but I knew deep down it was more than that. My house was now His Home, and over time has become more beautiful as a result. I used to be ashamed of where I lived, but with his Presence it is now a place I enjoy being. He is Home to me.

A welcoming fire crackled in the hearth as I stared out in contemplation. I heard movement behind me and his Voice, “I brought you something to warm you.” I turn and he hands me a hot drink. I am constantly amazed that he takes time to serve me. Me! I should be serving Him. He is the one who deserves lavish gifts and to be waited on hand and foot! What he has done for me, I can never repay.

As I take the drink from him, I see the scar on the back of his hand and remember what he did. What a Friend. My eyes linger there on his hand before I look up to see him watching me with that Expression of Love I cannot fathom. I look away, feeling both undeserving and joyful. The way he loves me is overwhelming at times.

I sense he knows what is going through my mind. He said, “Come, sit. Let me tell you something about the day I got these scars.”

Without a word, I leave the window to seat myself in an overstuffed chair by the fire, drink in hand. I take a sip and wait expectantly.

He smiles and refills our cups before taking a seat himself. Leaning back, He looks into the fire as if the story he will tell can be read in the flames. Both of his hands wrap around his cup and I can see each scar clearly – one on each hand. I know his feet look much the same, and once when I was suffering from wounds of my own he lifted his shirt to show me his back, which was laced with a horrifying patchwork of long-healed scars from top to bottom. That day, after touching those scars and hearing their story, my own wounds were miraculously healed.

“Did you know that before I received these scars, that very morning, I talked to our Father about you?” I shook my head. “I asked Him for your heart, that he would keep you from the evil one. I asked that my joy would be found in you. I asked that you would know His love for you, and that the love with which He loved Me may be in you, and I in you. That the world may know that I was sent by the Father and you would be invited to share in the Oneness I have with the Father. I asked Him that you be where I am, always and forever.” 1

My Friend knew what he was about to suffer, and he took time to talk to Abba about me. Always thinking of me. Ever concerned for my safety. Asking that I be where he is. Almost as if he wants to be with me! I could feel my heart beating as my eyes grew damp.

“The way I serve and speak to my Father for you, is for an example. The solution to problems and errands and adventures is not in the doing. The solution is Me. Taking time for our relationship and talking, spending present moments together. Work is often a distraction from our relationship. Keeping busy doing things and working problems out in your mind seems like common sense. Looking to medicine, political solutions, higher education, or evangelization as the solutions may seem like the logical work, but it is not the key.”

“What do you mean?” I interrupt. “How else is progress made but through doing?”

He smiled. “Look at talking to Me through the eyes of the world. It appears absurd. From logic’s view, it is stupid. It makes no sense. Like doing nothing and expecting things to happen by themselves.

When I see the world, do I see nations or races or political sects? Am I a respecter of persons? Am I impressed with the wealthy or disgusted by the impoverished? No. I did not come for that. I came for hearts. The world to Me is filled with hearts. I love every one of them as I am loved by my Abba. He loves you as he loves Me. I do not desire that any should perish. Not one. I love your heart.

It is through our love that I do the work. It is through our relationship that I serve and labor to the Father’s ends. Do not try to arrange life yourself to accomplish great things. You have no work but to come to Me. I give you no special task but to follow Me. I will do the work. I will plan the steps. I will send you out and call you back. I will walk with you and go before you in all things.

Follow Me. Press into Me. Pray. Talk to Me, ask of Me anything. Pour out your heart to Me, and I will make My heart your own. Be so unified with Me that the work I do through you comes as a surprise to you. Have your eyes so fixed on Me that the path you are on becomes unimportant to you. Fall into Me, let go of striving and trying. Abide in Me and I will produce fruit from you that is greater than your imagination. But do not worry about the fruit, either. Only abide in Me and let Me worry about what happens.

Pray, my child. I love to hear your voice. I recognize your voice and come to you. I am always and eagerly near. You are Mine.”

I sigh contentedly, soaking in His company. It is the Less Worried Way. I know in my heart His words are true. I cannot change the world, but He does in his own way. I cannot right the wrongs, but He does in his own time. I cannot love enough, but He first loved me and so I reflect His love back to Him. And to the world, that they may know Him who loves so well.

“I do not ask on behalf of these alone, but for those also who believe in Me through their word; that they may be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world might believe that You sent Me. The glory which You have given to Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected into one, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me.” (John 17:20-23) -Jesus, on the day before He died.

1 John 17

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