Prayer of the Rescued

Open my eyes to see you, truly. Open my ears to hear you, clearly. Open my heart to know you completely. Let me explore your heart; I desire to explore the farthest reaches of its inner landscape and to know it intimately. Let me hear your sweet voice and recognize your love for me in its many inflections. Let me feel your gentle touch and the safety of your strong arms around me.

I see your generous gifts to me and am overwhelmed by extravagance. I read the love-notes you leave for me. Your heart for me is revealed in every letter. Your pursuit of me is never-ending. I feel your passion for me and my heart bursts with happiness. Questions fade and troubles lose their power over me as I look into your face and see the delight in your eyes when I come to you.

What can happen that is strong enough to stop your tidal wave of love from crashing on my shores? What question needs an answer when I am so well known and adored by you?

You are my answer, and my striving is rendered foolish in your presence. Your forgiveness is like the warm, morning sun, faithfully rising again in each new day as if for the first time. Your gifts are like the seasons, each unique and beautiful as they arrive. Your love is like the sky, reaching out to endless galaxies beyond time.

You are beautiful. Your heart is mine, and my heart is yours. You have dreamed me into existence and made me. You see me and so love me with a furious longing. I dance like a cork on the breakers of your love, aware of the unsearchable depths beneath me. No matter how much love you give, there is infinitely more available to me.

I was lost on a stormy sea, grasping for my things to keep them from floating away. My possessions, my heath, my family, my reputation, my pride. Striving to gather them close, splashing and swimming frantically to keep them near. Holding on to them to keep from sinking. I was afraid. I cried out for help. You called to me and I heard your voice out of the deep. I let go of everything and became still. I sank into the depths; further and further down I went until I was overcome and drowned. You came to where I was and brought me up. You rescued me and made me new. You gave life back to me. You gave me yourself, holding nothing back. Your loving kindness changed my heart. I saw desire for me in your eyes. You made me well, then you set me free.

This Me of Very Me delights you. With you, I am free to dream and create, to love vulnerably and connect without fear, to walk boldly, to live truly, to laugh joyfully, and to dance wildly. I drink from the cup of your love until I am senseless. I drink and thirst no more.

I eagerly wait for the sound of your voice in the morning and evening, while I work and play, and as I live and love. I love you, Jesus. Thank you for showing the heart of Abba Father to me.

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