Father in Heaven, Abba. Daddy. Lover of my Soul.

You tell me “do not worry, have no fear”, and marvel at my lack of faith. I am easily distracted and my heart tries to ease it’s longings with many things. You let me go, your love being childlike in its willingness to forgive every slight every time. I come to you as I am, in my mess. You hold me and tell me I am healed and forgiven.

Oh, what crazy love is this that holds no grudge?!! What furious love is this that forgives every time I come to You?!!

My plaintive cry out of the fog is desperate. “What do YOU think of me?” You have created my inward parts. You have designed my personality. You see my heart. You know me with complete intimacy. Every thought. All my movements. There is nothing in my life that is hidden from you.

I silence myself before You. My heart grows still.

Out of the quiet You speak. “I am so very fond of you.”

My heart leaps at the sound of Your voice.

“When I made you, I danced with joy and said ‘it is good!’ I did not make you like anyone else. You are unique. I adore you. You are mine.”

My heart is light. I am a child being adored by his father.

How can I worry in the face of such wild love. Knowing the heart of Abba for me prevents it. I am cared for by the Great Lover, with whom all things are possible. I trust His good heart for me, and faith becomes the fruit I did not work to produce. I know He will move everything to capture my heart. His face is turned toward me in love. My heart is His.

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