Be Still

The power I draw from Abba, Father, each day as a result of abiding in Him is the very same power from which Jesus drew as the Son of Man.

“Oh, you of little faith!” is spoken of me. In faith and belief that Power is mine. I believe the result of that power in me would be (and is) humility. Recognizing how infinite the power and finite my faith or capacity to believe.

It is no wonder Jesus sought time alone with God, and why he was so incredulous at the unbelief of the people who witnessed firsthand that power at work.

Time alone with Abba (Daddy), the The Immovable Rock who is daily moved with compassion. The Cheerful Giver who provides beauty and forgiveness in wasteful extravagance. The Adoring Father whose eyes shine with pride at the soul he has made.

Be still my soul. Press into the arms of the One who knows. Hear his heartbeat and let go of fear, worry, and doubt. Abide, fully, in this present moment. Safe and secure. Loved.

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