Blind Hearts

There is a daily need as believers in Christ to remember who we are in Jesus. Our ability to abide in Jesus and experience the power of his Life flowing through us every waking moment is inextricably linked to believing who God says we are to him. That he has given us a new heart and it is good. That we are no longer slaves, but free people. That he longs for an intimate relationship with us. That now Jesus not only calls us his “friends”, but his siblings, children of Daddy Father and fellow heirs to everything that is His. Remembering who we are is being continuously aware of our “present risenness”. That is, the current state of our truest identity. The other end of the string to that knot is having our eyes opened to the vastness of God’s tender love for us. Having eyes to see that we already have what we seek, and what we have is much more than we could possibly imagine. As Paul told the Ephesians, “…I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power…to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” (Eph 3:17-19) It has been described as “God ‘crazed with love’ and ‘drunk with love’ embodied in Jesus dwelling within us.” I absolutely love that imagery. The wild, crazy, unself-conscious, immutable love of God. And it is such because there is no rational explanation for it. We do not deserve it. He shouldn’t give it. And yet God yields himself to love for everyone without restraint or moderation. What power! What grace! What beauty!

It is in this awareness that the impact of sin, pain, struggles, battles, and sorrow in daily life as experienced by our current body begin to fade like yesterday’s news. It is there, in the constant abiding, that an otherwise terrifying journey is risked. That impossible ventures are miraculously completed. That real life is truly lived. As our eyes are fixed on God and we bask in the glow of his love, fear of difficult things ceases and with opened eyes we see the mystery of Christ in us and experience the divine romance for ourselves. When mighty storms rage, we are found in the bow of the boat, sleeping peacefully. When locked with the Enemy in fierce battle, we fight with tranquility. When the ledge on which we stand crumbles, we free-fall through the darkened mist with calm assurance. When walking through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil because He is with us.

” Hope knows that if great trials are avoided, great deeds remain undone, and the possibility of growth into greatness of soul is aborted. Pessimism and defeatism are never the fruit of the life-giving Spirit but rather reveal our unawareness of present risenness.” Brennan Manning

In your daily conversations with Jesus tell him with your whole heart, “I desire You. Please give me sight. Heal my blinded eyes and help me to see you and everything I already possess in the fullness of God. I want to know you. Open my eyes to who you truly are, free of any personal projections or restraints I have placed on you in my mind. Let me see you as you long to be seen. Help me to know you as you long to be known. Let my ears be opened to know the loving kindness of your voice and my heart to know the strong comfort of your arms. Help me see myself through your loving eyes that I might experience abundant life with You in every waking moment.”

And He will.

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