There are two questions for every Believer in Christ to which we must all find the answer. Our very freedom depends upon it.

Who am I, really?


Who is Jesus, truly?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions or aren’t sure, sacrifice all if you must, but find out.

Now, these will not merely be answered by the passing on of dry information. The answers are alive and must be discovered personally and relationally.

It will require you to find out who you are not and to unlearn much about yourself you have believed. You will need to believe things contrary to how you have seen Jesus and yourself up until now, and then never let them go. You will have to forget what lies behind you, and eagerly press forward to the truth. The answers will also open unhealed scars, and you will have the opportunity to ask Jesus to heal your wounds.

Make it your daily quest to find the answers. Dedicate your hours to discovering who Jesus truly is, and finding intimacy with him. Find out who he said you are, and what he thinks of you.

When you find the truth, hold on to it with all your heart, soul, mind, and will. Remember it always. Live in the freedom the truth brings. Jesus will seem more alive and real than ever, and you will not recognize who you have become.

The truth is, Jesus has always been more alive than ever and you have always been who you are. Only now the fog has lifted and the eyes of your heart have been opened and you have shed your coat of false self revealing what was there all along!

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find……

Put your whole heart into it. Freedom is right behind that door. Start knocking…..

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