Surprised with a gift

Have you ever gotten an unexpected gift from your spouse? How does it make you feel that someone who knows you so well took time out of their busy life to think of you and give you something they know you will like? It’s a special kind of feeling.

There is no one who can know me like God does. There is no one who knows the muddy details of my life like my Father. And the gifts He gives me are always good and often unexpected.

The other day my heart was missing Him because work was so busy. For several days I hadn’t had any focused time alone with Him. Everything felt pressured, and the conversations we did have seemed like they were rushed. My heart felt lonely for some quiet time just abiding in His presence and feeling His loving arms of affirmation around me. I also felt guilty, like I was a disappointment to him. Amid the rush, I opened an app on my phone to listen to some music. I put my earbuds in and clicked on one of the daily mixes. The first song that came on was one of my favorites, and so much of what I needed to hear. At the second song my heart started to fill, and I sang along to another favorite! The third was again a song I loved! It had spoken healing words to my aching heart many times. As the first of its strains played, I felt an elbow in my side. (You know the feeling) I looked and there stood Jesus, grinning. “You like?” He said. I laughed and nodded, my eyes watering with emotion. What did I do to deserve such a Friend? Feelings of guilt were washed from my heart as His grace flooded in. No condemnation. Only His abandonment to love for me.

God is so good and kind to me. I cannot help but love him.smartphone-vintage-technology-music.jpg

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